Background Illustration

This collection contains a handful of background illustrations from the Smash Time Animated short "Suit up!"

The short had dozens of backgrounds for a variety of purposes. Conversation backdrops, murals for panning, action effects, and some elaborate, large-scale backgrounds blended with hand-illustrated effects for 3D camera movement in a fully 2D cartoon.

This background of the shed is used twice in the cartoon. The first time it's used as an establishing shot for the opening scene. During the second time, as seen here, it had additional detail and space added around it for a zoom-in as a character turns their attention to the location.

This expansive background stretches over 7500 pixels wide, in order to be used for a character running. It also transitions into an action blur background briefly, when the camera does a very quick pan back to the character running after them. The blur is hand-animated, blending these 2 backgrounds together in just a few quick frames. This helps to sell the motion while also making work a bit easier, as the animation program had trouble doing large-scale pans like that.

This is another side-scrolling walking background. Unlike the previous example, however, this one uses parralax scrolling to give it a sense of depth. There's no dramatic camera movements here, just a long stretch of layered background elements to breath a little more life into a shot.

This shot looks nice on it's own, but it's actually comprised of several layers for a parallax scrolling effect. This allows more of the environment to be seen as a character walks down the hill.

This background is quite wide, and yet it's only used for a very quick 3D spin with the camera. The character runs out of the shed, with their steps being right in front of the camera. By the time it turns around 180 degrees, they're further away. The perspective is warped a bit for this shot.

This shot provides an elevated view of the battle arena used for a fight scene. The arena is designed to be animation-friendly, with key landmarks to help establish direction, but also keeping it fairly simple. The arena is home to many camera movements for the fight scene. And if you want to see it all in action, you should check out the animation for yourself!