Kayla's Delivery Service (Animated Short)

This is Smash Time Animated: Kayla's Delivery Service. It is an original, 4-minute long Christmas cartoon. I worked on this from July 2015 until December 2015. July was the initial planning, August was storyboarding, September was rough animation, October/November was full animation, and December was backgrounds and editing.

Character Design Work

For this project, I knew I would be using a wide variety of lighting and color schemes, so I needed to have reference of all sorts of potential options. Almost all of these were used at some point in the cartoon. I needed base colors, outdoors in the snow. indoors, sunset, nighttime, morning, and varients of the nighttime lighting for Christmas lights. Working with a variety of settings was a great part of working on this project, and led to a variety of snowy backdrops.